What is Amazon Product Photography?
How Does it Work?

Amazon Product Photography refers to the process of capturing high-quality images of products specifically for listing and selling on the Amazon marketplace. It involves creating visually appealing product images that effectively showcase the features, details, and quality of the products to attract potential buyers.

Four benefits of Amazon Product Photography:

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5 frequently asked questions about Amazon Product Photography:
  • Amazon typically requires at least one main product image and allows additional supplementary images. It is recommended to include multiple images that showcase different angles, features, and uses of the product.
  • It is best to use original product images to provide an accurate representation of the actual product. Stock photos or manufacturer-provided images may not reflect the specific condition, packaging, or details of the product you are selling.

While hiring a professional photographer can ensure high-quality and visually appealing images, it is possible to achieve satisfactory results with careful planning, proper equipment, and attention to lighting and composition.

  • Basic equipment includes a camera (DSLR or high-quality smartphone), lighting setup (such as softboxes or natural light), a tripod, and a clean backdrop or surface.

Lifestyle or contextual images can help consumers envision the product’s use or provide a sense of scale, enhancing their understanding and potential interest in the product. These images can contribute to a more compelling and persuasive listing.

Perfect Steps for Amazon Product Photography:

1. Planing adn research

Plan the product shoot, including selecting the appropriate equipment, setting up a suitable photography environment, and preparing any necessary props or staging elements.

2. lighting

Ensure proper lighting to capture well-exposed and evenly lit product images, minimizing shadows and reflections.

3. product positioning

Pay attention to product positioning and angles, capturing multiple shots that showcase various perspectives and features of the product.

4. Capture HD Images

Capture high-resolution images that are within the specified size and format requirements of Amazon's image guidelines.

5. Post process

Post-process the images to enhance their quality, adjust colors, remove any imperfections, and ensure consistency across the product catalog

6. ready to Uplad on amazon

Upload the images to the Amazon product listing, ensuring they meet the platform's requirements and guidelines.

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